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Admissions Policy

Accessibility Policy and Plan

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Policy

Charging and Lettings Policy

Child Protection Policy

Collective Worship Policy

Complaint Procedure Leaflet

Complaints Procedure Policy

Computing and Digital Resources Policy

Curriculum Policy

Homework Policy

Information Policy

Internet Policy

Learning and Teaching Policy

Packed Lunch Policy

SEN Information Report and Response to Local Offer

Single Equalities Scheme

Special Education Needs Policy

Volunteer/Student Policy

Written Statement of Behaviour Principles


If you would like to read any other policies, you are very welcome to request one by contacting us using the feedback form.   We will then email you a copy.

Paper copies of our policies and any other document are available free of charge by contacting our school office on 01751 472620.

You may also request to have the information in a different language, braille or large print.

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